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Mango Season!

Mango Season is coming again! I see mangoes everywhere. We got our first mangoes this season from my parents-in-law's tree :) My favorite kind of mango is "Harum Manis" - literally means Fragrant & Sweet. Hmmm... yum yum! :)
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Everyday Jakarta

This is Jakarta daily traffic. This one's not the worst.

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After 2.5 years

Seeing again a friend I thought I would never see again...

sunny 30 °C

Last December a friend I never saw since 2004 emailed me telling that he was in Singapore and asked if I could meet him up in Singapore. I was surprised he was there again - we met in Singapore in June 2004, went to my city together and hang out here. I told him I couldn't go to S'pore. And he went to Jakarta to see his friends including me. Last Friday afternoon was the first time we met again after 2.5 years - I can't believe we met again!


We hung out together. Made funny photos, had dinner, chit chat,... It was very late and we drove him to his hotel in Jalan Jaksa, a street with many inns for backpackers. He's staying at a curiously cheap inn. (It shocked me when I know the room rate!) It's good that according to him, the room--although very small--is clean. They don't have AC but they provide the room with a fan. But the next morning he couldn't take a shower because the inn was having water shortage. He said you can't go anywhere on the street without having someone calling you, offering you something to buy, or prostitute. Yuck. It's not a comfortable area but if you want a place that is cheap, dirt cheap, you might have to stay there.

Personally even for a local like me, such room rate is way too cheap, unbelievable, and it made me wonder if it was a decent place to stay. And since it's a foreign backpackers' area, the atmosphere is not like a "real" Jakarta. Besides, I didn't feel safe there, looking at the locals there.

On Saturday I took him to experience a wedding reception - at least one kind of Indonesian traditional wedding reception. It's in Javanese tradition.

Opening the way for the couple to the "throne"

The family following the couple

At the "throne" with the parents

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The Conference, and Independece Day

The international geosciences conference & exhibition finished 2 days ago, August 16, 2006. And as always, the last day was the busiest one, as we had to make sure all scores for the technical sessions were entered. Determening a winner is not that easy. We run a normalisation to see if any of the judges are too generous or too stingy.

The winners: Best Professional Oral Presentation: ConocoPhillips, Best Student Oral Presentation: ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), and Best Poster Presentation: ITB.

Yesterday, August 17, was the commemoration of the independece day. In residential areas were fun games for everyone. It's our custom to hold fun games when August 17 approches, and the big event will be on the day of August 17. Schools and companies hold a flag-raising ceremony followed with fun games. Too bad I didn't have any pictures now.

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Busy month

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