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Last week

Last week we were busy with the competition. Getting home late is not something I like to do, but I had fun being together with the team rehearsing for the day. We sent 4 soloists and one team for vocal group. Our female soloist won the 1st place in Female category, and our male soloist the 3rd place Male category.


To me it was fun to be onstage again after a long while.

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Weekend Activities: Going to Weddings

sunny 30 °C

As normal as most people's lives in Jakarta, we had (only) 2 wedding invitations for this weekend. Saturday lunch time, and today's lunch time. There isn't any invitation for dinner time this weekend.

Wedding ceremony in Bengkulu traditional clothes and decoration.

Saturday we went to Didi's colleague's wedding. Back home we freshened up a little and had to go for another thing - checking on our house renovation. In the evening we drove from Jakarta to Didi's house in Jonggol, Bogor. We need to check on Puba, his mom's dog, the mangoes and the bananas if they are reap. His parents have been out of town for a while. It used to take 1 hour to get there, but now it can take 1.5 to 2 hours. We take the toll road to a town called Cibubur, pass the town through a long road, the town Cileungsi before reaching Jonggol. It's a nice place to get some rest but to stay long if I have to drive everyday to Jakarta.

Late next morning (today) we had to drive back to Jakarta because we had a wedding invitation from one of my friends. The party was at his home in Serpong, a town off Jakarta. To get there we needed to drive back through the toll road to Jakarta before heading to Serpong. It was a long ride. After getting lost we got there eventually, in the afternoon.

I have already 2 other wedding invitations waiting. I thought they were for tonight, but I found out they were for next weekend. But those 2 invitations are for the same day and hour, located in 2 different, far away places from each other, so I will have to miss one.

Coming to wedding invitations is one of the things Jakarta people do on weekends. Sometimes it could take the whole weekend when the invitations are as many as 2, 3 or even 4.

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